Customer needs vary, but we often get some pretty standard questions:

What size dumpsters do you have?

  • 10 Yards – (11’L x 7.5’W x 3.5’H) Great for a bathroom renovation or 2, or a very small cleanup / de-clutter project.
  • 15 Yards – (16’L x 7.5’W x 4.5’H) Ideal for a small-to-medium kitchen remodel, a small move, or slightly larger cleanup / de-clutter project.
  • 20 Yards – (21’L x 7.5’W x 3.5’H) The go-to for a medium renovation project, roofing, a larger move (without too much furniture), or larger cleanup / de-clutter project.
  • 30 Yards – (21’L x 7.5’W x 6’H) The choice for a larger remodel, a move (with bulky items), or larger cleanup / de-clutter project. This is a good choice for a move if you have lived in the house being cleaned for (10) years or more.


When selecting a dumpster size, we recommend that you ‘size up’.  We say this because there is a trucking charge built into each dumpster cost, regardless of the size.  Consequently, you want to minimize the number of dumpsters that you get by sizing up, thus minimizing the number of trucking charges. 

For example, a 20yd dumpster holds the same amount of trash as (2) 10yd dumpsters.  However, you will save almost 40% by opting for the 20yd, rather thank renting the 10yd and having trash left over… making it necessary to rent a second 10yd dumpster.  There is often only a $100 to $125 difference to step up to the next size. 

When determining what size dumpster you need, we also recommend that you put the debris in as few piles as practical.  Next, compare the size of the pile(s) to the dimensions of each dumpster.  Trash often looks like less when it s spread throughout a house or area.  Call us, we can help.