First, define your project:

  • Construction,
  • Cleanup
  • De-clutter
  • Moving

Next, determine the size of the dumpster required. We suggest putting the material in as few piles as practical. Therefore, when the garbage is in focused piles it is easier to judge. Contrarily, when spread throughout the house, the piles always look smaller.

You can always call a disposal management company to help with estimating the size that you need.

What size dumpsters do you have - An Easy Process For Verona Dumpster Rental | Verona, New Jersey

Next, check with the type of project to see if Verona, New Jersey will require a permit for construction. As of 2019, Verona, like the neighboring towns of Montclair, West Orange, Roseland, Livingston, Caldwell, North Caldwell, West Caldwell, Fairfield, Essex Fells, Bloomfield, Nutley, and Belleville, does not require a permit to put a dumpster in your own driveway.  So, for your personal construction and housing projects you do not need additional permitting for a dumpster. However, Cedar Grove and Little Falls do require such a permit. 

Verona Dumpster Rental Permitting For Depositing On The Street

All North Jersey towns will require a permit to place a dumpster in the street. Generally, getting such a permit is a quick process, unless you live on a very narrow road, or a County road ( Contact your town or local police department.  A driveway is always the best option for a waste container. While the average driveway is not at risk of getting damaged by a dumpster, we suggest placing wood planks down if this is a concern. 

If you lack a driveway the street is often the best option. Consequently, “street boxes” can be vulnerable to illegal dumping.

Finally, finding a local dumpster rental company that is licensed, reputable, experienced, and insured is key to a good experience.