In a word, YES. All trash removal and dumpster rental companies need to be licensed in the state of New Jersey. It is illegal for a company to do work in the solid waste industry in NJ without a license from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). Mauriello Disposal has been licensed by the NJDEP, since it became a requirement decades ago. The NJDEP website can be found at

State of New Jersey Department of Environtmental Protection Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste - Does my dumpster rental company need to be licensed, and why should I care? 

The law requiring a solid waste license is meant to protect the consumer from unscrupulous individuals, and to ensure that trash is being disposed of in a legal and environmentally-conscious manner. A solid waste license, referred to as an A-901, involves a lengthy application, a background

check, a considerable fee, and even fingerprints. A prior criminal conviction will often result in a denial for such a solid waste license. The licensing process takes a year on average, and can cost five-to-ten thousand dollars with legal fees. Once licensed, each hauler is required to file various yearly reports and updates; as well as pay yearly fees to retain their license(s). The aforementioned reports include one that requires the hauler to quantify where all of the collected trash was dumped. This ensures that the hauler utilized licensed disposal sites and recycling centers.

The internet has given life to numerous online dumpster brokers; many of whom are located out-of state, and are unlicensed. They dominate the dumpster rental market because of their national exposure, and their ability to outspend local contractors for better Google / search-engine placement. They generally occupy the first three or four results in Google searches pertaining to dumpster rentals. But you, the consumer, would never know… unless there was a problem. These companies have not gone through the same background checks that the A-901 companies have. It is not enough, from a legal standpoint, that these unlicensed brokers utilize a local licensed hauler to perform the actual dumpster delivery. They themselves need to be licensed. The NJDEP is beginning to recognize this as a problem, and will likely begin enforcement soon.

Cheap Dumpster Rental Prices Hawthorne rotated - Does my dumpster rental company need to be licensed, and why should I care? 

Many of these unlicensed firms are not even aware of specific laws regulating where you can dump the trash or construction waste generated in certain counties. These laws pertain to “mandated waste flow,” and are strictly enforced in such NJ counties as Essex County, Hudson County, Morris County, Union County, and Sussex County. You must dump at the facility(s) mandated by the respective county, or face steep fines. This becomes especially relevant when construction permits have been obtained by the customer, and proof of legal disposal may be required.

In additional to being licensed, you want to make sure that the dumpster rental company that you hire in New Jersey is insured and experienced. Mauriello Disposal is a third-generation-company that is fully insured. We have literally performed tens of thousands of dumpster rentals over the years. Our drivers are experienced and courteous professionals.

So in conclusion, check to see that your prospective dumpster rental company is NJDEP approved and licensed. The following NJDEP website can help: