Across the country, nearly 300 million tons of trash amasses every year.

For the waste that comes from renovations and cleanups, dumpster rental is the best solution. Whether commercial or residential, dumpsters clear your waste efficiently and affordably.

But it’s easy to rack up fees if you’re not familiar with the terms and conditions. Disposing of hazardous materials, overfilling the dumpster, or not having the right permits are all costly.

We’ve broken down our terms and conditions to rent a dumpster so you never get caught out. That way, you can keep the process as budget-friendly as it should be!

What’s Included in a Dumpster Rental Quote?

We deliver the empty dumpster to your location and retrieve it at the end of your rental period. This leaves you with a clean site once your project is done!

We’ll do our best to correctly estimate the size and weight capacity of the dumpster you need based on your project description. The more we know, the more accurate our quote will be.

How to Avoid Unexpected Fees

If the weight or capacity you use is significantly over the estimate we came to, we will have to charge more to dispose of the extra waste. We also cannot apply for permits for you, or dispose of hazardous materials.

Here’s how to stay within your dumpster rental terms.

Weight and Capacity

Always stay under the weight limits of your quote. Even if a dumpster isn’t filled to the top, we have to charge extra if it’s very overweight.

We also can’t safely transport an overfilled dumpster. So if we come to collect a dumpster that’s overfilled, we have to charge extra to deal with the surplus waste.

If you’re not sure whether you can stay under the weight or capacity of your dumpster rental conditions, rather order a larger size! Even if you don’t fill it, it’ll save you money in the long run.


It goes without saying that if you need your dumpster for longer than your rental period, we’ll have to charge you more! Do your best to correctly estimate your project’s length to avoid extra fees.

Prohibited and Hazardous Materials

Many materials have specific legal disposal requirements. These vary from medical waste to fuel or paint.

Our dumpster rental service quotes do not cover these materials. If you think you may need to dispose of hazardous material, tell us over the phone and we’ll help you find a solution.


A dumpster can generally be kept on your property without a permit. But keeping it on the street usually requires one, like this dumpster permit form for Jersey City. Organize this yourself to avoid extra fees either from us or the city.

Get a Quote Today

Dumpster rental is the best solution for mass waste disposal. And if you take note of the terms and conditions, it stays as affordable as it should!

To find out how much your dumpster rental will cost, get in touch with us today. Our dumpster rental company has been helping New Jerseyans for over 100 years! We’ll help you decide which size dumpster you need, and provide a free quote for your rental.