How to Rent a Dumpster  

Having to rent a dumpster can be overwhelming.  The wrong decision(s) can cost you hundreds of dollars.  But this guide will answer many questions and explain how to avoid common mistakes when you rent a dumpster.
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 The Dumpster Rental Process

First, and foremost… Don’t throw it away.  Donate what you can to friends, strangers, churches, and charity groups.  People need clothes, furniture, and dry / canned foods.  Help people, and help the Earth! 

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Do I need a rolloff dumpster? There are generally (3) options for getting rid of trash; a dumpster rental, a Bagster purchase, or a clean-out (junk removal pickup).  The deciding factors for which is best for you are:

  • The amount of debris that you have to dispose of.
  • Whether you have a place to put a dumpster?  Most dumpsters are 8 feet wide, and range in length from 11-21 feet.  Some towns will grant a permit, for a fee, to place the dumpster in the street.  Check with your town.
  • Do you have the labor to load a dumpster?


Option 1: The Bagster 

1. The Bagster is a soft-sided dumpster, made of vinyl.  It has a maximum capacity of 3 cubic yards, which is about the size of a pickup truck load.  It can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, or other stores for around $30.00.  You take it home, unfold it, and fill it.  You then call the phone number on the side of the Bagster for pickup.  The total cost is around $250.00, making it the cheapest solution if you have (3) yards or less.  And only if you have (3) yards or less.  This is because the Bagster is a whopping $80.00 per yard, which is 2x the cost per yard of a dumpster. But, again if you only have 3 yards or less, and are able to load it, the Bagster is a good option.  There are other limitations to using one.  Find more info by clicking BAGSTER.

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Option 2: Rent a Dumpster

2. A Dumpster rental involves you calling a reputable, and licensed,  company to request a specific size dumpster, based upon your needs. The contracted company delivers the dumpster to you, you load it, and then it is removed.  The typical rental period is from 7-14 days.  A dumpster is the most cost-effective solution, per yard, so long as you have more than 3 yards (Bagster capacity), space to drop it, and the labor to load a dumpster.

For additional dumpster rental information, please click DUMPSTER.

Option 3: Junk Removal

3.  Clean-outs / Junk Removal have become popular in the past twenty years.  We have all heard the commercials on radio or seen them on tv or the internet. You call a junk removal company, and they come and remove the debris from your yard, or from inside your home or garage. This is the best option for people who do not have the ability to load a dumpster or Bagster; or that do not have the room (driveway) to drop a dumpster or Bagster.  A clean-out is a more expensive option since the work is being done for you.  We recommend Champion Waste Removal, Inc. as a dependable clean-out company in Northern New Jersey.  Please click HERE for more information,

So, you need a dumpster… now what?

Step 1:  Have a garage sale, if you have some good stuff.  Anything that you can even give away, you don’t have to pay to throw away.

Step 2:  Donate any usable items, or offer them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Step 3:  Put trash into as few piles as practical to determine how much trash you have.  This will help in determining what size dumpster you   will need.  Trash always looks like less when it is spread out.  Do not under-estimate. The cost for a slightly larger dumpster is much less money   than that to rent a second dumpster of any size.

The most common sizes are below:

10yd  (11’L x 7.5’W x 4.0’H), great for a bathroom renovation, or small cleanout. 10 Yard Dumpster Rental Pompton Lakes 300x133 - Dumpster Rental, How to Rent a dumpster

15yd  (15’L x 7.5’W x 4.0’H), an option for a small kitchen, or a small cleanout. 15 Yard Dumpsters Totowa 300x133 - Dumpster Rental, How to Rent a dumpster

20yd (21’L x 7.5’W x 4.0’H), for a more serious renovation or a moderate move with minimal furniture.  20 Yard Dumpsters Wayne 300x133 - Dumpster Rental, How to Rent a dumpster
30yd (21’L x 7.5’W x 6.0’H), for a large construction project, cleanout or a move from a larger home.30 Yard Dumpsters Woodland Park 300x133 - Dumpster Rental, How to Rent a dumpster
For additional dumpster rental information, please click DUMPSTER.


Dumpster Rental steps continued

 Step 4:  Read dumpster rental company reviews on Google, and get quotes.  Make sure that the company has an NJDEP license. Or simply   contact Mauriello Disposal (click here), because we have been serving the community since 1912.

Step 5:  Make sure that your town does not require a permit for placing a dumpster in the driveway. Some towns do, like Cedar Grove and Little   Falls.  Select a date to receive the dumpster.  Try and minimize the rental period, as rain and snow can add to the weight / cost of the   dumpster.  All dumpsters come with a weight limit as protection for the hauler; who pays by the ton to dump.

 Step 6:  Call the selected company and order / rent a dumpster.  Be sure to tell them of any over-head wires, branches, or of a driveway incline /   decline. Also tell them where in the driveway you would like the dumpster dropped.  Tell them if you will be using the dumpster door, which is   in the rear of the dumpster.  This is important because the door swings out, and will need at lest 8 feet of clearance behind the dumpster to   open.  You need not be home to receive the dumpster.  In fact, 80% of our customers are not home for the delivery.

* Make sure that the driveway is clear.  Narrower streets / driveways may require that the parking spaces across from the driveway be open.   Leave some wood planks for under the wheels; if potential driveway damage is a concern.  Wood that is at least 3 feet long and 1 foot wide will   do… nothing fancy.



 Step 7:  Load the dumpster. Try and be somewhat strategic to maximize the space.  Do not load above the top.  Be sure to close, and secure, the dumpster door once it is 90% full.  Otherwise, it could be very difficult to close the door.

 Step 8:  Schedule the pickup, making sure that the driveway is again clear.

* On pricing and weight limits… haulers pay by the ton to dump your trash.  So, all dumpsters come with a weight limit to protect the hauler   from losing money.  I prefer to offer a lower rental rate, with a lower weight limit.  This way the customer only pays more if the dumpster is over-   weight.

 * Be sure and request a disposal weight ticket for any over-weight charges.

Northern NJ Waste Container Rental

We are your best choice for a dumpster rental in North Jersey  because we are local and experienced.  Whether you have a construction project, a move, or just want to de-clutter, give us a call.  Our experienced staff will advise you on the best dumpster size.  As a family-owned business, we take pride in helping our NJ  neighbors with projects big and small… honest & dependable since 1912


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